Kim sung ah and gong yoo dating

I know I have mentioned this earlier, but I think the power that a movie holds was something fresh for me." Gong's real power may be his ability to pick scripts with potential.

The bachelor's popularity surged in the region after the successes of Goblin (2016 & 2017) and Train To Busan (2016).

South Korean actor Gong Yoo could be forgiven for feeling invincible.

He has fought off zombie hordes in the film Train To Busan, and lived to be 939 years old in the drama Goblin, to become his country's No.

"I never expected that a zombie movie made by Koreans on a modest budget would be so well received," Gong said at an earlier interview in Taipei.

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At the height of such lofty fame and acclaim, what does he do? "They have been fooled by my character in the drama.

He says: "After reading the book, I wanted to adapt it into a movie to raise awareness, to let people know that such an incident happened." The public outrage sparked after the movie's release led to South Korean lawmakers effecting tougher punishments against sexual offenders.

Midway through his Hong Kong press conference last Friday, he highlighted the need to review the long working hours of K-drama filming crews. They film from morning to night and, if some voices and sounds cannot be captured, they have to go back to the recording studio.

"Although I am sensing the popularity I have gained from Train To Busan and Goblin, in actual fact, my mood or feelings have not changed greatly due to that. "Due to the existing popularity of Korean dramas within the Asian region, such popularity was something I was familiar with," he says, referring to the TV series such as The Coffee Prince, which brought him fame in 2007.

"However, in the case of Train To Busan, it was a new experience for me.

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